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Originally Posted by 13F20 View Post
I just wanted every one idea on this. Now I have herd from some people on this forum that you will be able to start placing orders for the Camaro in October. Now if that is the case, how would you be able to do this if the various options and accessories will not be made available to the public till or just after SEMA? Also pricing is not going to be announced till Dec or Jan. So some one with credible info and knowledge please explain to me how this is even possible. Now unless I was dead or unconches I would not have missed options and or pricing, and that being said I know I was not so I say bravo for me.
I'll give this rundown like I gave before on here. I am sure it will work for the Camaro about the same way as it did for the Solstice and Sky.

Back in October of 05 I got a call from my Saturn dealer saying i could come down and put in my request for what options I wanted. They still had no price list but they did have the option list. So I went down and placed my request. they kept a form with my choices on it. About the same time A friend of mine that was fairly high up in the chain of knowlege at GM told me how the actual production would start... First there would be 30-50 hand built pre production cars, they would be given to persons inside GM to drive for evaluation and last minute suggestions. In about late December early January they would build 500 test run production cars.(this was also the actual time that the dealer placed the orders with GM) these would be gone over with a fine tooth comb by the engineers to see if there were any production bugs needing to be worked out. these cars would eventually find their way to customers (I actually got the 251st Sky built) The mid January regular production would start slowly and cars would start being shipped to dealers in mid Feb. I recieved my car on March 26th of 2006. I am going to assume that will probably be around the same time of the year the Camaros start arriving at dealerships March 2009...
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