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Originally Posted by shnomac77 View Post
I agree that the engine is the heart of the car! I also think the engine has to match the end goal.....

Dont change your vote go with what you want!
That is a good point. I won't be carving too many canyon roads especially since I don't live in the mountains and I really don't want to go flying off into the woods in my fancy Z/28.

When the news of the Z/28 possibly starting back up came out I would have never thought anyone would even consider arguing against the LSA/LS9 motors. But, given the heritage of the Z/28 and other versions, I now think that GM should consider multiple options. I'm not overly interested in a track geared car as much as I'm interested in a drag geared car but, I can see how someone wouldn't want the same as me.

My only issue will be that IF they did make a track car and not put a supercharged motor in the car then it wouldn't be worth it TO ME to get that car. I'm in it for the power.
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