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Originally Posted by Flashpoint135 View Post
While you are waiting for the Z/28 pricing, pricing HAS been released for this:

"Three limited edition models are planned -- two with electric drivetrains and one with a 102 turbocharged three-cylinder -- with prices ranging from about $43,000 to $53,000, about twice as much as the standard Smart Fortwos they are based on."

No, I'm not kidding and no photoshop - this is real. Kinda makes me feel better about whatever they charge for the Z/28.

It seems wrong to even post this hideous picture on this forum - I fully understand if the Mods decide to take it down....

What will they call it? A chief? Lol looks like an Indian! Electric cars are extremely overrated. Not to mention you will pay a premium on them. Therefore you think you're saving from buying gas, but to make up for it, you're paying more for the car. And you're electric bill as well. May not be significant but it's an increase. And in 5 yrs when the battery s shot and you have to buy another? That'll be a cpl grand minimum. But hey! You're going green right? Lol

How many times are they going to introduce this electric crap? You know what they're doing right? They're influencing you into buying the shit they make. If enough idiots buy it, there goes your choice. Now you HAVE to buy it as its one of the only options.

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