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Originally Posted by ShadyZL1 View Post
Hey everyone! I've seen this forum so many times when I have googled stuff about Camaros, so I figured it's finally time I signed up.

I've owned 4 Camaros over my lifetime. My first was a 1994 V6 which I bought new. I sold it only after one year in order to buy a friend's 1994 Z28. I had my Z28 for about 6 years before letting it go.

I went almost a decade before I bought my third Camaro, a 1967 SS/RS factory air car which I purchased in 2009. The SS had been restored to original specs by the previous owner with the one exception, he pulled the original V8 out and replaced with a Chevy ZZ430 crate engine. (Big points to you if you know about the ZZ430!)

Being someone who loves classics cars, I was obviously a huge fan of the 1969 ZL1 Camaros. When Chevy announced they were making a new ZL1, I decided I had to have one, so in 2012 I purchased a new ZL1 with a 6 speed manual. Having a car that was built for racing or the track, I got into drag racing last year and have been loving it! I entered a 6 week drag racing series last summer at the local Texas Motor Speedway and had a blast! At the time my ZL1 was stock, so I was a little outmatched in the division that included cars modified by Lingenfelter, Hennesey, etc.

This year, I felt it just wouldn't be right to enter the same drag series without doing some modifications to my ZL1, so it is currently at Lingenfelter's shop in Indiana and should be back in a couple of weeks.

I did sell my '67 SS this year, which made me quite sad, but to be honest since I got my ZL1 I hadn't been driving it all that much and just felt like I should let it go.

I'm planning on making a thread about all the stuff I've done to my ZL1 at some point.

Thanks in advance for having me on the forums!

Congrats and welcome!

sounds like a lot of fun.. i would love to do some competitive driving eventually and can't wait till i get the chance to... good luck!!
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