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Originally Posted by Darth_Emma View Post
I have an L99 with a CAI intake, Kooks 1 7/8" LT catted (and coated) headers, a Borla Touring exhaust, and a dynotune. I was a bit disappointed with the results on the dyno of 362 rwhp with these mods. The car is faster than stock (and sounds WAY better), but I want more. I thought the headers would give me more with the tune.

So, I'm looking at getting either a Maggie or a turbocharger. I am a bit leary of adding a cam because I've heard they are very tricky on an automatic.

I don't plan to race my car - except for perhaps a fun day at the track, but no serious racing. But, I do want the best and baddest street machine I can get. It is very important to me that my car be absolutely reliable and drivable on the street, but I want my car to be very quick. I really love driving my Camaro and I don't want to do anything to ruin that. - some folks have commented that a cam can sometimes harm drivability.

After reading this thread, it sounds like the Maggie is more what I' should be considering, but others have mentioned that a turbocharger might be better. I'm just doing my homework before I jump in.

Is it reasonable that I could get 500 rwhp by adding a Maggie to my L99?

The other advantage of a Maggie is I think they just look great. - I know, that's shallow, but a lot of the mods on my car have been cosmetic. I am looking into buying a hood with a plexiglass window on it to show off the engine. A chrome Maggie would look sweet!

Any comments as to what you folks would recommend for my car would be much appreciated. Thanks.

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