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Originally Posted by strych9 View Post
This whole situation sucks, but gawd damn is there a ton of misinformation in this thread, and it's the same misinformation that abounds in these forums. Let me clarify a few things here:

1. A dealership is a private business. The owners enter into a franchise agreement to sell cars, parts, and service for a particular make. The the corporate "franchiser" has no direct authority over a dealership's business practices.
2. If the dealer promised you that they would put the car indoors during a storm, then they made a verbal commitment to you. Pursue it.
3. Every dealer has a disclaimer: "Not responsible for..." covers just about anything bad that could happen. Theft, damage, whatever, the dealer accepts no responsibility for it.
4. File a claim with your insurance company. This can be fixed, and that's what you pay them for. Maybe your dealer would be willing to step up and help you with your deductible.

I have to laugh at the, "demand a new car" comments. I can't say I disagree, but my extensive dealership background and the realist in me knows that it's rarely going to happen. And in this case, it would have to be proven that a warrantable defect caused these issues. Sucks, but these are facts.
I have no idea about the structure of GM and their sanctioned outlets.
I do know that this car has several problems and GM sends me to a place they authorize to have it taken car of. While at this place that I was directed to... my own mechanic can not perform warranty work... the car is damaged. The extent of which has yet to be determined.

These are the facts, and that I would have to get crunched between GM and a dealership and the BBB and the state's lemon laws is a most frustrating and very discouraging development.

I have not be negligent and have in good faith sought to maintain this car as directed by GM. As a result of this direction from GM my car has been at the dealer for over 45 days and had had several items serviced repeatedly.

I continue to work within the system, the service tech told me to call GM and GM told me they deal with the BBB.

Man all I did was lay down 50 large for my dream car and all this "stuff" should be settled between GM and their authorized dealership.

Ya know in the face of love it or return it all i can do is...
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