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Dropped in on the trim shop. The dealer had removed the wet dank carpet. The trim shop does not believe the original bag had any problems. In fact he stated that they never touched the original bag at all to put on the new top. I got a chance to look at the old bag and the "split drain tub" explanation from the service department does not hold water.

The car is currently in limbo because the new bag has an additional set of drain tubes that no one knows where or how to route.

The foul smell inside the car is gone. Not sure how that was done.

And another wrinkle to this top story is that I have figured that about 80 miles have been put on the car in the last month that the dealer has had it. It is about 10 miles between the dealership and the trim shop. No one told me the car was going to driven between the locations.

Can these dealerships do what they want how they want for as long as they want without reprisal?! Is this what GM wants associated with its brand?
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