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^^^most sense yet. let's not forget the good ol' goat, which is my love affair aside from the camaro[shhh]. u got 2 admit that gm did some amazing crap gettn' that aussie goat to haul butt at 4.6 seconds on the 0-60! that things an absolute brick! so i think if gm just goes a little further w/ the tuning and weight reduction and such, the 'maro (400+ v8, whatever slot u want to put that in) ought to do 4.4-5 i think. which remember, that would be gt500 range for a much cheaper car with 100 less ponies! that's why i've decided i could might settle for something less than 500hp. as for the 1/4, i would say 12.4, being kinda optimistic. my $.02
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