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Originally Posted by sprayedv View Post
Well I've had my "meth" car up and running with spray and boost.

Didn't yours blow up?

I can understand you don't like meth but it's not a "bad" system at all. People who say its bad either hear its bad or have gone on the cheap side. I can name you about 15 other cars in my area who have been running meth for 2+ years with no problem. Same pump and all.

Nitrous blows cars up does that mean its bad? It has components that can fail and cause catastrophic engine failure... Does that mean spray is bad?
I think meth is good. We put it back on out Grand National.

It works, no argument there.

Here's the issue:

When you are relying on meth for fuel, usually because the fuel system isn't adequate, you are walking a thin line. The slightest hiccup and you're done. Why gamble. Build the problem fuel system then add meth. That way if it fails you don't loose an engine. Just because it works in 100 cars doesn't mean it's fail proof. It fails all the time. Again, just bc you know a small percentage of people with it doesn't me it doesn't break.

The moral of the story is dont use meth as the fueling.
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