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There's no magical boost number that will blow an engine, very few understand this, because very few of us build engines. Dynamic compression blows motors up, is boost part of that equation? Yes, but a small part of it. This is because a 14:1 CR motor running 5psi of boost is more likely to fail than a 9:1 CR motor running 5psi of boost. This is why boost by itself doesn't matter.

The other issue with trying to argue that boost is the way to measure failure rate is this, it measures restriction. So, a motor with ported heads, a ported manifold, larger primary headers, etc. will naturally result in lower boost levels, but will make more power. This is why I have to spin my blower faster to make the same amount of boost as Jamie, my motor's resistance to airflow is less. In the same way that Jamie and I have very different power bands and horsepower figures, but the same amount of boost.

Until you understand this, and I doubt you will, you shouldn't tell someone what is safe for a motor and what isn't.
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