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Originally Posted by breadman View Post
it would be so sweeeeet if they brought back the 455 again
The 455?

Are we talking about Firebirds or Camaros?

And would that be a Pontiac 455? That would be greatness. Pontiac V8s sound better than any other GM V8. There is something undeniably sweet about the sound of a big Poncho at full tilt.

Oldsmobile 455? Ummm....well they did have an Olds 403 in the late 70's Formula Firebirds. I guess 455 isn't too much of a stretch. And like 'em or not, the 455 Rocket is pretty dayum cool.

Buick 455? Not in any F-body I know least not from the factory.

But back on topic: I'm just happy to have an F-body again. Even if it's not one of my beloved Firebirds. A Camaro this beautiful is more than a consolation prize.
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