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LOL at most people here.
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By Gary simply being quiet and not explaining himself or just saying send it all back and I'll refund you good luck in the future, is more then enough for me to see how he does business. Everyone defending him saying the op should wait or talk to ACS is wrong. If the OP or anyone for that fact didn't get what was agreed upon(between the two parties Gary and the OP not ACS) then its not right to tell them to wait. I wish I could do that in my business of Oil but imagine me telling customers that need their inventory that they need to wait because the pipeline hasn't opened up and there isn't a set date of when the oil is coming but we aren't refunding the money.

That's a bunch of bad business. I'm not saying Gary needs to do anything based off what people say here, but I just want to hear his reasons for not replying and why he just can't offer a full refund. Usually people that don't offer a refund and say all sales are finally are the one's that sale junk products or bad businessman.

I hope this gets cleared up, but in the mean time I will look to others to find the parts that Gary offers.
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