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Originally Posted by Orange2SSRS View Post
Here is the solution I came up with. This is a 2 quart tank with a remote fill and 6 feet of tubing. The kit comes with a 12V pump which I did not use.

Attachment 202282

The stock pump fits nicely into the new tank.

Attachment 202283

It is necessary to cut off the post on the stock pump in order for it to fit the new tank.

Attachment 202284

Here is the new tank with the stock pump attached to the ADM Race Scoop.

Attachment 202285
Attachment 202286

The new assembly installed.

Attachment 202287

I routed the fill hose in the gap near the radiator.

Attachment 202288
Attachment 202289
Attachment 202290
Attachment 202291

I mounted the remote fill to the bracket for the stock air box. When it gets warmer out and I have more time, I am going to mount it to the side of the air box.

Attachment 202292

I had the manufacturer put an unvented cap on the reservoir and a vented cap on the remote fill. When I went to fill it it was filling ok initially but then stopped. I realized that it was vapor lock preventing me from filling the tank.
I switched the caps and then it filled normally.

What's nice about this solution is that it uses the stock wiring and plumbing. Also, you don't have to look at a large tank when you open the hood.
The only thing I would do is use a better quality fill hose,like marine reinforced polybraid.Looks great.
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