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Question on LLT tune

Alright I am contemplating on getting the trifecta tune for my LLT simply because my car seems to be running rich.

Awhile ago I installed my MRTs back in mid September and at first my car was running lean and pretty rough. This I thought was normal since the ECU had to learn. I pulled the battery to make it learn a little quicker and it did. I no longer had any soot on my tips, all that black dust on the rear bumper was gone, and it wasn't rough either. Jump foward to December I drove the car and I had a lot of soot on the tips, the black dust was back again, and the motor sounds rough again. I checked for any vacuum leaks or exhaust leaks and I can't find anything. Now Today when I went to go and wash the Camaro I smelled a very rich smell coming from the exhaust. Which makes me believe its running rich now.

My only mods are a Cold Air Inductions CAI, a Rx Catch Can, and the MRTs V2. Let me also say that this is a weekend only car so even though it has been 3 and a half months since the exhaust instal its only been about 300 miles.I don't really want to do a tune because it will void my warranty but if I have to I will. My question to you guys that might know more than I do in tuning and on the ECU is do you actually believe I need the tune to fix the ratio? To me it is very strange that it went from a balanced ratio to a unbalanced one. What are some other things I might be able to do other than a tune? And is there anything that I can find pretty easily and inexpensive that could tell me what my Air to Fuel Ratio is?

Thanks for the help guys.
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