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Originally Posted by newmoon View Post
I donít think that itís a good idea to chase the 13-500s hp numbers. As you can see even with all those mods the ZL1 only managed 560 rwhp in this article, while the 500 usually sees 600-620 rwhp stock. If the 500 adds a pulley and tune and they are sitting at 680. So you get the idea. Instead I think you are better off to work on getting your car to be more efficient, learn how to launch and drive it. Last week a member here drove a stock ZL1 with DRs to an 11:50s pass. That pass would beat 90% of the stock 13-500s out there. IMO this is much more impressive than somebody throwing a bunch of dollars at their car to boast about hp numbers.
What you and the guy who posted below you are forgetting is that the 13 500 already has a CAI and it's already running like 4 more lbs of boost! I do agree that it's not a huge deal to concern yourself with the numbers as much as with driver skill, but numbers tell the tale when you put equally matched drivers on the dragstrip. Is there a time slip anywhere showing a stock GT 500 running 11.5s? More food for thought, although the track pack does not add any additional horsepower, it does reduce the usability of the vehicle. You can't take it to a road coarse, whereas we can so the ZL1 takes a point there. The basic argument is dollar for dollar, part for part, the ZL1 is the better car. It comes more well equipped at such a similar price and theoretically if everything were the same i.e. 2300 blower, 12-14 lbs of boost or whatever the 500 is running, and CAI the ZL1 would destroy the GT500. The debate will always continue, but I wish you guys would stop with the GT500 stock conversation when clearly there is nothing similar about the two cars in their stock conditions.

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