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Originally Posted by ZL1terminator View Post
I think we are drifting off top, as the topic states slay a gt500! And he has posted mag articles basically saying what upgrades are needed to do so!

I posted those mad videos and talked about mods, people arguing what the gt500 has stock isn't anything to do what slaying one!

They have 662bhp we have 580bhp and we loose the few hundred pound weight difference as well

I think kenne bell, whipple, <-- big boys should get on a kit for us cause between us and caddies it will move products!!!

There's a quick slayin remedy, orrr

Just drop is off at davenport like you were planning jay! Lol :-)

haha! thanks bro! Yeah, i didn't like the twist this thread I spent a half hour to create it as well and I just thought it was some useful info for people, thats it. cheers!
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