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so there is a boost spike and a lean spike that aren't tied together? I thought the lean spike was a result of the boost spike or vice versa, and that solving one would get rid of the other.

- Ill ask again, what is your fuel system made off, does it still use some kind of FPCM to control the pumps?

- Try to turn off transient fuel and test to see if the problem is still there

- There is a short duration between when the ECM commands the injectors to pulse and when the pulse occurs, do you have accurate injector data?

- Where is your wideband located at just to know if the problem is happening on both cylinder banks or one?

- One thing I noticed from the screenshot above is that MAF airflow and MAF Hz readings both drop, as in take a dive right at the boost spike, since its reading a lower MAF value it will command less fuel = lean out. I think you have to figure out why the MAF dives instead of going up. Is there something wrong with your MAF sensor?

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