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Originally Posted by Iwantmycamaronow View Post
am i missing something here?

from when the SS came out in what 68 up to 72 the SS camaro was always the high performer of the camaro line, at least HP wise. (no, DZs dont count) and when it came back years later in the 90s was the same thing.

so if we go by history here, if and when there is a camaro z-28 it wouldnt, or shouldnt out perform the SS.

you think there going to put a supercharger on a V8 pushing out 420 horses already, and have it surpass the SS?

that just wouldnt add up in my opinion, unless they go with this current line and supercharge the V6 or something.

Why didn't you just reply to one of the other Z28 threads? Also, things change. The SS doesn't HAVE to be top dog. For crying out loud, SS, Z28, who cares.
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