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Originally Posted by boxmonkeyracing View Post
Ricer badges YAY.

to you it's a name to me and true enthusiasts it's a way of life. I respect the fact you don't share in my love for what makes a Z a Z. so if you could respect mine.

Okay, first I meant absolutely no offense. That was my sense of humor about the whole thing that I think is quite immature that some people are in such an uproar over the absense of the Z28. But I do understand on the same token that it's an important part of the Camaro herritage. It's just, the Camaro is back, and we should all be lucky and thankfull it has returned at all.

Second, would the performance of the car you order as an SS with either the L99 or LS3 be any differently if the badge on the decklid said Z28 instead of SS? Would your 4th gen F-body feel any different if you took off the Z28 badging from the front fenders?

Again, no disrespect to the Z28, but sometimes people go a little overboard.

I love the Z28, and wish there was a Z28. Having said that, I'm going to order an SS and will be thrilled with the car I'm sure.
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