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Sorry no article showed up..there Rhino, but hey those heads are the best cheap option I have seen on here over the years and I am oldster probably the oldest on here and seen many long time posters go. People on here just don't last that long.....

And yes I some day hope to buy a set of those heads and combine them with a better lower lift cam as the specs on that ones high on the intake side and I used to run the old TSP 235/239 cam with .639 on the intake but more duration, I don't mind the more duration but some seem to really like it in the 220s for circle tracks etc... I had to run .675 springs with the old 235/239 and eventually they lowered the intake lift to make it more .660 spring friendly.

I have been liking the new intake the guys in Texas built the LOD speedworks one they said in the past was maybe going to be made for a ls7 also and wonder if they will make one for it but certainly the MSD is a better option for most than the FAST which has been the go to for so long. They said they were going to make a couple different lids for their intake recently but different base? time will tell I guess, but hey for a max effort stroker N/A or FI also the heads you developed may be just the ticket to not go super spendy MAST black label Small bore for so much more $$$$$$

Just some stuff IMO, I am sure a stroker would with a stroker cam make more power and really benefit from those heads versus ls3 which flow so much less even ported like I have now. $$$ matters.... Someday I hope you put on here a dyno with a stroker and those heads it would be really nice with a good cam I bet and pick up a lot of torque to rival those FI builds.

Many on here are just new and never researched the differences between ls7 versus ls3 and know the differences..... and the down falls, as in ls7 is only able to be .005 overhone compared to .020 overhone capable ls3, sure the ls7 is stouter but $$$$$$ and these heads really can make the ls3 more of a mighty mouse stroked out cheaper and just as powerful damn near if forged etc..and comparable parts for far less $$$$$$$ and I wondered when someone would fill the need, you did it; my hats off too you.

It would be also very interesting to see the results without CORN on your dyno as I just don't see my daily ever being more than what the pump spits outs, but if the MSD is much better than a stock LS7 intake ported by you??????? I know its supposed to have bosses on it for NOS anyway and looks nice...........but hey they had trouble out performing the stock ls3 intake....
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