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Originally Posted by Bhobbs View Post
I test drove a new SS 1LE yesterday and I wasnít all that impressed. It was nice and I could definitely feel the power difference but the car felt way smaller inside. My shoulder was up against the door and I was sitting on top of the bolsters instead of down in the seat. Plus, the exhaust seemed way more mild than the 5th gen NPP. I didnít hear and growl or popping on decel.

The wheels are nice and I like the 6 pistons but that isnít enough to get me to change over. If anything, Iíll just convert my car to ZL1 brakes and have them powder coated and add the 1LE emblem.
I agree the exhaust seems tamer from the inside. But as both fly by from the outside, I feel like their about exhaust notes are about the same volume, Gen 6 being slightly higher-pitched.

Interior is, indeed, smaller.

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