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Yeah last year since we did it so early in the morning I got to go out for the tracks laps and then the key presentation. But this year they wanted just 2010s (nice they let Jim H. drive his '69 he brought since he didn't know). All those 5th gen looked awesome going down the track from pit lane!!!!!!! I was hod-nobbin' with the big-shots, for a while standing next to the mayor, the new IMS CEO, and the IMS Commercial CEO. But the highlight of my day was after we pulled the cars off of pit lane right before the track opened I was driving down pit lane while a lot of the race cars were out there warming up their engines, I was pretty exited but had turned my damn camera off, by the time it came back up I was out of the pits! My wife was taking the pictures on the way out, but the GM guy that drove the '09 pace car was staying. The museum employee that drove the '82 out drove the '09 back so my wife got to drive the museums '82 pace car back to the museum. A pretty cool day for both of us.

It was kind of tough to get pictures from where we were, if you stand up on a wall or something the yellow shirts have fits, so I just held the camera up over my head and was banging away so didn't get any real good shots.
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