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Originally Posted by calbert1999 View Post
My SS is way better now than when I originally drove it off the lot, wondering daily what the hell was wrong with the car while dudes in ricers were blowing by me daily. Until I took it to a race shop.
I'm currently @ 550hp. NA, will be over 700hp. when the SC is done and that's will be at a mild tune and will match or exceed whatever brakes, tires, and suspension that will be on the ZL1, and it will still cost me less than the price tag of the ZL1.
I am glad you like your SS and are making it the perfect Camaro for you. As your engine work approaches the 700HP mark, I hope for your sake it holds together while are having fun with the ricers. As for me, Chevy built me my dream car in the ZL1 and we will have fun together as we head for retirement.
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