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Originally Posted by jaggedx View Post
Frustration process has begun!

Took it in today after talking to the service writer last week, He gave me the option to wait for his "Lead Guy" to check it out and since it is about a 30 mile drive I opted to wait.

about 90 minutes of playing around on my Smart phone and the service writer found me and said "your all set".
Cool, Right? .... Wrong!

He informs me..... and I quote, " NO PROBLEM FOUND AT THIS TIME" as written on my service invoice. He then goes on to tell me "we have had lots of problems lately with A/C cause it's really hot you know?"

So on the drive home I turned off the radio and payed very close attention to the A/C and noticed that in addition to the intermitent problem that several owners including me have been discussing here I also noticed that the blower speed and output air temperature fluctuates randomly while driving.

Today it was about 104 here and a little humid. The air barely keeps up on the highest setting.

On a day like today I run my duramax air at between 1/2-3/4 speed and my face gets kind of cold.

Bottom line, Problem exists and dealer did not have a clue how to fix or even diagnose.

Not sure what to do next.
Ask Brandon.....
All joking aside, mine does the same thing.. Haven't taken it to the dealer I was waiting for other owner's results.
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