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Originally Posted by caverman View Post
That looks like an awefully small can. Not sure that would do to much.

I would suggest that you look at RevXtreme's or Elite Engineering's can. They have them made for the Camaro.
Definitely nota small can. Never had a problem once with it not having any room for oil. A catch can doesn't just function by being a can. My catch can has 3 separate chambers. One for incoming. One is the bottom of the can. And also one for outgoing. You have the tightly packed steel mesh as well as the baffle to condense the oil in the first chamber. Then you have the bottom chamber to allow the oil to drip into. Then you have yet another chamber with more tightly packed steel mesh so that there is absolutely no chance the oil gets out. Other companies can claim theirs is the best functioning, but there is no way they can beat the functionality in that regard. I have not seen a single design that would perform better. Call me proud of my product, or biased, but you can talk to owners to get their opinion.

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