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Originally Posted by caverman View Post
Realize that the OP can is somewhat short and even though it will catch some oil it's probabably not catching as much as say the RevXetreme will probably catch. The longer can is going to give the oil more time to drop out of the air coming in. So say RevXtreme is catching 100% (not saying it is but as an example) then that smaller can is probably only catching 60%-70%. Will it catch oil....yes....but not as much as a longer can will.

Why are you so sold on the one you posted?

Look at how much longer the RevExtreme is
There is no reason to assume that the size of the can makes for more oil catching. What about the length would catch more oil? It's the filter medians in between the out going air and incoming air that matters. There is no way oil would be able to get out of the can. I'm not sure why you think it would catch 30% less oil tho.
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