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Originally Posted by Mike P View Post
My catch can rocks, I love it.....

Glad to hear it
Originally Posted by axis View Post
It will work definitely. You can make a coke can work. It's a matter of ease of installation and mounting points. Seeing that all Camaro CC's are mounted on the other side of the engine bay (where the PCV nipple comes off), you may have a hard time finding a mounting spot over there or you'll have to run a bit of tubing. After seeing the amount of oil that some have drained from their CC's, in a relatively short amount of time, I'd be concerned with the size as well.
If there is enough oil to bog down the catch can, then there are other things going on. On top of that, it takes 30 seconds to empty the can. And that's another BIG difference between the cans on the market, and mine. You can actually empty it out with out making an ordeal about it. With out having to take the catch can off. And with out having to drain it out into a cup inside your engine bay.
Originally Posted by HaZe_X View Post
They are my second choice, but Im shooting for the one I posted.

I ran it in my LS2, it was actually plenty big, emptied it when I changed my oil, every 3,000 miles.

What Im really trying to confirm is if the mounting points are the same, and if the install is the same (running the lines).
I had someone order a can from me today for the Camaro. As far as I can see, it would be the exact setup as the G8 GXP. But seems to only work with out the stock air filter. Possibly with, but I wouldn't chance it. There is more then enough room for it in that spot, as I got a chance to see an engine bay in person with the CAI, and it looks exactly the same size.

The mounting point would be the same, and the lines would run the same, except for the tube coming from engine, as that would be the same setup that your GTO has. Both tubes running from that one spot.

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