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Originally Posted by Camaro Lives On View Post
Here you go Chevydude26. This is about the best I got, I hope it helps a little. I have some more, and I'll try to wrangle them together if need be.

EDIT: Sorry about the headlights on the concept in one of the photos. It was the only one I had. Thanks to Dragoneye for the Photoshop though
Thank you very much its appreciated... the lower grill is a smidge smaller on the concept and the concept seems to be a bit shorter and slightly longer which explains why on the production especially on certain colors it looks a little bulkier

and i really prefer the smaller front fascias over the ss fascias

but gm did a great job making this car happen and i can't wait for the convertible to come out

i'll try when i get mine to see if some shop could slightly modify the front fascia for me
I think i flip flopped on the ss looks good really does
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