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Dealership sold my Camaro to manager's son-AVOID FALLS AUTO GROUP IN CORBIN,KY

This is insane. I pre-ordered a Victory Red 2SS/RS Camaro on the first day customers were able to back in October. I went to my local dealer and was #1 on their order list. They agreed to sell the car to me at the window sticker price. I had talked with the salesman before and thought he was honest. For the past few weeks he has been calling me with order updates.

I called him this week and he tells me that my order was canceled and that they were only going to get one SS Camaro between now and October. They were going to sell it at 10k above sticker. He had told me back in October that they had 6 allocations. I knew something was fishy, so I called the GM customer service line yesterday and the rep. tells me that the car has been produced and it will arrive at the dealership in a couple of days. I called him back today and he tells me that the car has been delivered to the dealership.

So I go to the dealership today and see a salesman that doesn't know me. I asked him if the dealership had a 2SS Camaro. He says, "Yeah, but it's already gone. The manager's son has it." So, I go inside and talk to the salesman that I was working with. He wouldn't admit that they had the car I ordered on the lot. He just repeated, "I haven't seen the invoice."

They ended up hijacking my order so an employee's family member could be the first on the block to get a Camaro. They lied to me and thought I wouldn't figure out what happened. What a terrible experience. I hope the dealership folds.

I called GM and they said they couldn't do anything.

If anyone knows where I can get a Victory Red 2SS/RS Camaro in KY or the surrounding area at sticker please let me know.
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