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Originally Posted by radz282003 View Post
It seems a lot of people will point to the screws as offering the most power gains as opposed to roots, but it is becoming very apparent the newer hybrid-roots (i.e. TVS Magnuson being one) are closing the gap, maybe almost shut. I'd suggest, if you haven't already, reading the Lingenfelter, Hennessey, and Magnusun blower threads in this section. Brian, who works for Magnuson, has provided a lot of information regarding some indirect comparisons between these new hybrids and the screws. For me, at this point, I can't see any problem going with a 2300 from Magnuson. 530 RWHP on an LS3 through mostly OEM exhaust and some tuning at like 6 psi of boost, and after LTs and something like 10 psi, getting 600 RWHP just means these things are pretty hot. They have had a great track record for the OEMs (which is speaking toward their reliability) and I think supercharger wars are just getting interesting

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