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High pitched whine at high speed

Well was going down the road a bit faster than normal this morning and i noticed at about 75 there was a low high pitched whine and at 80 it was real noticeable even with the radio on. It seems to be coming from the front right (passenger) side. The noise is present if i maintain the high speed or gets louder when i accelerate faster. But if i let off the throttle at all it goes away. Also i checked to see if the sound was there in a different gear at the same engine RPM's but i did not notice the sound. So far i have installed a CAI+scoop, ported throttle, Catch Can and MGW shifter. I have heard sometimes the catch cans can make strange noises. And i know i can hear more transmission noise after i installed my shifter im going to try and rearange the insulation to see it that helps. But any suggestions before i take it in to get it looked at?
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