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Originally Posted by Dmeine13 View Post
I'll be putting some pics on later because
but how much would you say this would be worth with the following info:
-21,000 miles
-Mint condition (everything works, no dents or chips in the paint)
-White w/red racing stipes
-Driven in rain about 3-5 times
-Never seen snow

I am aware if the TRUE value (KBB) of the third gen camaros and I absolutely hate it.
Do me a favor, print out the KBB pricing. Now, crinkle it up and throw it in the trash. Thats about all KBB is worth in this case.

Got to They may know more over there. They are very helpful with 3rd gen questions. There are a few members who have some unbelievable original examples and they probably know more of the true market value. If I had to take a stab at it, I'd guess mid 20's. Being that it is low mileage and heritage. What engine/tranny?

Remember, in the end its only worth what its worth to you and the buyer! For what its worth, I paid $5000 for this:

1989 Iroc
minor dings and scratches
crappy repaint
minor fading on interior
wheels were needing refinished
needed new tires
needed tranny rebuilt (didnt know this till after I got it home)

now there was some history behind the car. Dad bought it new, sold it in 1991, I tracked it down and bought it back in 2008. It was in really good shape and I feel the $5000 was a fair price even without the sentimential value.

Current pics, all I did was refinish the wheels, put new tires on in and clean it up really good:

Welcome to the site and I would LOVE to see pics of that car. I love my third gen!
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