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Originally Posted by blaSSt View Post
4th gen Camaro Z28's were easy to make into SS. Hood, Wheels, Spoiler, badges... They are still Z28's not SS's
99% true statement here. GM and SLP did that very thing. I won't echo other's comments on the particulars of the other stuff you said that I don't necessarily agree with, but ALL 4th gen SS's are still Z28s. Says so right on the window sticker. But extending your logic, ANY modification other than factory stock doesn't make it a Camaro any more because the factory didn't do it.

Envy's put a lot of work and $$ in her car, and it shows. She knows it isn't everyone's cup of tea (who's really is?) but it works for her, and she's proud of it and enjoys it. More power to her.
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