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Originally Posted by ducatisl View Post
Okay, I searched and found stb3222's dyno sheet and it was around 460-465, which is statistically very close to my XFI-lobed numbers if we call the FAST102 and my EWP a draw.

My "desire" would be for a kinder, gentler lobe that would work well with PAC-1518's. Guess I'm one of those old school people who believe high lift is a bandaid for poor flowing heads, yet most LS3-specific Comp Cam profiles are are what, 0.617, 0.624?

It might be informative for the masses if Lashway were to make a quick list, as current as most of us know it, of available cam profiles for LS3 motors. I'm sure this would be good marketing for Lashway/Kelford (with their claim of fast opening, gentle closing ramps) as well as being very informative. I know the few of us LS owners that are bothered by valvetrain noise feel pretty strong about this subject, the compromises they entail, and the lengths and expense (vendor sales from lazy/old people such as myself who draw the line higher each year as to what things we won't personally turn a wrench on) to which we go about solving them.
hey this is josh from lashway,
a couple things i would like to point out:
1.) shane's (stb3222) cam peaks at 6400rpm which is awesome for 450+ rwhp cam and idles beautifully at 700 rpm
2.) our dyno reads VERY low, we have seen the same car make over 8% more power on an exact same mustang dyno at another shop
3.) the FAST 102mm is being choked by the stock throttle body so do not read too much into it, the real gains are with the 102mm TB.
4.) the LS3 heads flow CFM numbers that only $2500 aftermarket casting heads could get you 5 years ago.
5.) We use HIGH LIFT cams because the LSX heads flow great number at those lift points. the parts used today can handle crazy lift numbers and the LS3 heads love it. i have at least 5+ daily driven cars out there with 645"+ lifts. they are the opposite of a bandaid!
6.) Kelford after tons of testing and research uses one cam lobe for its LSx applications. they decided that one perfected lobe was much better then 5 different ones that each had its flaws. they have fast ramp rates and awesome valvetrain control (better then what ive seen), additonally the cams are designed to have more valve time area at a given lift, specifically at .200". meaning the valve's open time area is greater then other lobe profiles. it is kinda complicated put pretty cool.
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