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dealer messed up bad on my plugs...afraid there's damage

I went and bought some bosche X2 plugs yesterday, I didnt know exactly what one's I needed so I asked the guy at the auto parts ( napa ) shop, and he said " these are them" So after I pulled the old crappy NGK plugs, I installed the new ones, I thought somthing looked off with the new ones, as they were SLIGHTLY longer than the old ones, and once in, I fired up the car, and all I heard was a loud "clack clack clack" sound, so I shut the car down, I pulled a plug, and the plugs were bent!!! So now im afraid that I may have caused engine damage... I was going to do a compression test but dont know what it was at before so I figured thats usless anyways... So today im going to go down to NAPA and tear into him, ( it was the manager that sold them to me ) and let him know that he's going to be responsible for paying for my motor to be pulled apart and checked out... Do you think that 5 seconds of running would have caused some severe damage??
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