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Originally Posted by dcarlos55 View Post
I had the footwell lights installed on Friday. Friday night at the parking lot I saw so many cool light setups I decided I had to have one of the behind the grill scanner bars.

First thing Saturday morning I went to the Oracle tent to get one and was told they didn't have any. Oh well, no big deal. Then late Saturday I saw someone I knew in the install line. I stopped to ask what he was having installed. Answer, the scanner bar I was told they didn't have. I went back to the Oracle tent and was told again that they didn't have any. I told them that was odd because they had just sold one to someone else.

End result, they did have them and I got one installed. I'm happy with the light and the install. They could have been a little better organized though.
I think there were new employees working, and they had no clue what was going on. We also had issues when we first went to the tent, then we finally found someone that was able to help us, and knew what we were looking for, and lucked into no line on Friday morning, so we were in and out in less than an hour. They also helped my diagnose a problem I was having with my DRL Plasma bulbs.
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