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Originally Posted by Higgs Boson View Post
I will agree they are better than a stock tire but they still spin. I am not sure what your definition of "just fine" is but I have had Nittos, BFGs, and MT ET Streets and Street Radials on my street cars and Nittos are terrible for good 60 fts.

With a MT you can dump the clutch at 6 grand if you want and they will hook and that is with 850 HP in my Z06....

I have had Nitto 555Rs with 400 HP that don't hook.... To me, a 1.8 or 1.9 60 ft isn't even worth driving to the track. A stock powered car will get a 1.65 60 ft when it hooks so anything less is less than an ideal run, why bother? Because going in a straight line in 13.5 seconds is "fun?"

I race NHRA and IHRA Super Stock, race shifter karts, own some very high HP cars, tune stock cars and trucks as well as powerful ones.... I don't know what your background is besides having a supercharger on a Camaro but encouraging people to spend good money on tires to take to the track that simply do not have great traction is a horrible recommendation.

Why not just use what works best the first time??? The guy didn't say he wants a daily driver tire that works better than stock at the drag strip. he asked where he can get some decent drag radials. Key word is decent. Decent starts at BFG. Nittos are hardly decent (for the strip).

OP, if you are looking for something to use at the strip (and drive to and from the strip) I recommend Mickey Thompsons all day long. If you are looking for something you can put on your car without swapping them out, BFGs are better than Nittos but either will work.

If you go with MT, keep in mind radials are great for an automatic but if you have a stick, I only use ET Streets (non-radials). The sidewall takes the hit of the stick much better, radials hop and break parts....

Here is a clip of my old Z06 on ET Streets (non radials). Headers and a 100 dry shot only (and Pfadt coilovers on road course mode, lol):
I see TONS of tire info explaining your take on what's good or bad. I've set up suspensions that would allow old school Goodyear Polyglass GT tires to hook. Proper suspension tuning can get most any tire to hook. There are folks running 6 second quarter mile ETs on 10" tires.
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