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Originally Posted by POWERMAN View Post
I know CamaroDreams07 has mentioned this earlier as well, but why would one want to apply a glaze AFTER a sealant?

Wouldn't the logical thing to do be to lock in the glaze with a sealant on top of it instead?
Synthetic sealants are engineered for longevity in mind, first and foremost. To get the most life out of them, they need to "bond" to your paint...which is where the cure time being discussed in here comes into play. The curing process is when the sealant does it's bonding.

If you layer a sealant over a glaze for instance (which only lasts weeks rather than months) then the sealant will begin to degrade at the same rate the glaze does, which is relatively quickly in comparison.

Our recommendation is:

  • Seal to create a long-lasting barrier to build upon.
  • Glaze to add depth and gloss to your finish.
  • Wax to amplify the depth and gloss of the glaze, as well as lock everything in. Think of the wax as your final barrier between the environment and your paint.

Simple enough, right?


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