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Originally Posted by ZL1-V View Post
I am really confused so maybe one of the "guru's" can clear this up? If by decreasing the pressure won't you get "more heat" into the tire carcass? Increased pressure will induce more sliding won't it? I have never done autocross, just spectated at the events which looks like so much fun! I have participated in track days before. Not yet with my ZL1.
You are correct, however the incresed tire pressure is more for tire ware than grip. You can get away with lower tire pressure if you have the proper camber, but with street alignments it is best to air the tires up to prevent the tire from rolling over and murdering the outside edges of the tires. Especially on heavier cars, it is not uncommon to see guys running 40-45 psi in the front tires.

The proper tire pressure depends on camber settings, how stiff the sidewalls of that particular tire are, and the surface conditions of the pavement/asphalt you are racing on.

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