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Originally Posted by Hylton View Post
Some of you have heard the exhaust from my V6 and V8 videos I did last month. Basically they were of the cars sitting still and being revved up. All you folks who have been around performance cars know that the sound of an exhaust is very different when the engine is under load and that is really when you want to hear what the stock exhaust sounds like.

Anyhow, I had the opportunity to go check out an L99 tonight. When things were wrapping up, I explained to the person who had the car how much work was put into fine tuning the sound of the exhaust on these cars and that the only way to truly hear the fruits of the project teams labor, was to turn the traction control off and let her rip out of the dealership.

I have heard a lot of exhaust sounds in my life but I have NEVER heard a stock exhaust sound like that. There was about 10 of us watching/listening and the first thing I heard after the car could no longer be seen, was a Z06 owner saying "oh yeah!" as he nodded at me, clearly impressed. It's not only loud but it's a big tubular sound. Sorry to tell all you guys with after market exhaust plans - you will not want to change the exhaust.

Whoever hears the exhaust will not believe it is stock. When you have the opportunity, stand about 30 feet behind the car and listen to it drive off away from you at WOT - you'll be just as shocked as when you first saw the car. Whoever has met me knows I don't get impressed easily but to be honest, I'm still in disbelief.....I did not expect that!
Hylton, this is great news for me to hear since I am getting the L99. I must also say how much I enjoy reading whatever you write. You're one of a small handful of our members, that I really make it a point to pay attention to what all you have to say! Thanks for the post.
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