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Jeez...Mr. Maxx is establishing a baseline for mods he's spending money to develop for the V-6. I'll go out on a limb and say the numbers he has posted are going up in the very near future, and I'd place a great deal of confidence in the results.

Not knowing much about operating a dyno, I will say that I like his technique. At least he did describe his dyno of choice as being the heartbreaker. Why don't you all run together on the same machine? Seems that would make things pretty even.

Lots of things can make subtle differences. He stressed the humidity. It was a fairly warm day. The car was sitting on 20's. The car isn't fully run in yet and is pulling a rich mixture, which would possibly change as the computer settled in.

Instead, he's already spent the money to install a supercharger. *Ahem* his V-6 is going to pull higher numbers than just about everyone else's once it's dialed in...for a while.

I'm not going to race him.

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