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Nice setup.

I also have the Pedders HD bushings and radius rod inserts, but I went with factory 1LE bars and LG Motorsports coilovers (I've yet to install the coilovers). It should get fun (and stiff) with them.

I'm the one with the black/blue SS at the Fest that has the same wheels as you. If you're curious, i remembered what the deal was with my offsets. I bought these wheels before they offered +35mm (doh) so bestwheeldeals machined the +27 down to +30 (they did a very good job). They are very close to flush, but I do think the +35 are perfect in that respect. They are a fairly heavy wheel though (close to stock), do you plan on going with something lighter in the future for track use? 8-10 lbs per corner makes a very noticeable difference in my experience.

Anyway, just wanted to chime in (and auto-subscribe to your thread). Gotta get back on the road now.
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