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Originally Posted by Kilo-9 View Post
I have a "one-man" brake bleeder that uses vacuum to draw the air/fluid this safe and effective on the 5th-gen brake system?

It will work to bleed out the calipers, but it will not cycle the abs pump. The only way to do that in a shop is with a TECH II tool. There a a lot of 5th Gen owners that use the a one man bleeder and are satisfied with the results. I am very particular about suspension, wheels, tires and brakes because my driver's life and my family's lives depend on them.

Once you have changed over your fluid, including the abs pump, the one man bleeder for maintenance will do a good job. The first time through, especially with brake fluids that specifically state not to mix with other fluids, the only right way to do it is with a full TECH II bleed.

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