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Originally Posted by Ryan2011RS View Post
I have a 2011 1LT, stock engine internals, at 36000 miles, engine was rebuilt about 10,000 miles ago but not totally sure what was replaced and what was re-used. But I had blown at least one lifter so my dealer replaced the whole block I believe. I'm getting to the point where I want to start a Twin Turno build. And I'm wanting to start a list on what I need before I start other than the turbo kit . I'm talking stronger pistons, lifters, stronger transmission? Driveshaft? I'm lookin Into upgrading my rear end strengthening it up, but I wanna know what all I'm going to need . Currently my mods are : ARK DT-S cat back, Doug thorley shorty headers, mace 25mm insulator, BBK cold air intake, RX Catch Can w/ oil breather . I'm going to add the ported throttle body, and ported intake manifold in the spring. I'm also thinking about stronger gears? Is that neccessary ? Stronger rear diff? I bought my camaro when I was 17 as my first car I have little experience to forced Induction builds. I'm 19 now and I've just about all videos on twin turbos and superchargers and I've pretty much made up my mind on the RX TT kit. I also want to eventual get the new mace cams . I'm basicay wanting to get all that I can out of my v6 LLT. I want to be in supra territory, as close as I can . I love the sound I'm producing now so I'd like to keep my setup but I've heard how people need wider exhaust the whole way back. I'm not asking for you guys to write me a huge book down to every detail simply just point me in the right direction, OR if you want to really help me out , I would love an explanation or a list of items. Thanks guys and I hope to be up there with the best of the v6s .
I don't mean to be a downer or anything but as others have said, crazy hp numbers are just not going to happen because of the fuel issues with the car. Also, since proper tuning for the twin kits isn't available, you can't make the big numbers. You can swap in the v8 rear to give you a stronger rear. We have forged pistons now from RX to lower CR for more boost but since the car is plagued with fuel issues, I don't think it'd be worth it. Might help if you discuss that one with tracy. Don't need to change the gears either unless you want to. If you go twins, gears like the 1LE 3.91s might actually hurt you because you'll just lose traction like crazy. Essentially, you'll make about 400 hp and about 400 tq like every other FI build because that's about when we run out of fuel. A good build to look into for info would be Can't_C_Me's build. He has the exact kit you want but I don't know if his power numbers are an accurate representation because I think he has 2 damaged pistons.

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