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Originally Posted by 2010 SS RS View Post
And major props to 2SSONLY. I told her already and will now point out to all that saw it themselves. SHE IS A DRIVER! For the short time I was right behind her heading out from Walden, she was cutting lines like Dale Earnhardt JR. Her acceleration out of corners was perfect. Her entry was perfect. I was really amazed at the control that little gal has over her beast. I would run with her on any road and time.
Why thank you! I've logged a lot of miles in a car and spent much time in the mountains so feel perfectly at home on winding roads. All good drivers and a great bunch to run with. As for you 2010SSRS, trouble maker , I hope we can make that speedway run work. I'll run with you anywhere too, just to see if I can keep up. Now that the car is broken in, I won't hesitate to wrap her up to within 500 of red.

Great break in trip for my car. I only had a little over 400 miles on her when I started the trip but now have over a 1,000. Oil change, clutch maintenance and I'm ready to roar again!!

Meeting all the Camaro owners and their families was fantastic. Let's get another one planned soon. Summer is flying by Black Beauty is itch'n for more action!
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