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Cool Did some 1LE shopping today

I finally decided that I wanted a 2013 over 2014 1LE, so I finally went to my dealership where I bought my previous 2 cars.
My salesman (a guy who I feels works for me) said it was too late to put in new orders (obviously with a 4/19/2013 cutoff date). He said he'll call me back after he finds all available cars from different dealerships within a 200mile radius, similar to my likings;
-1LE package
-RS package
-NPP Exhaust
-CRT color (ALL are a must! except the color, and there aren't any CRTs are left in that 200mile radius)
He estimated it'll be between 43-45K. The credit score was 700 even. He also said I'll have to wait to see my finance options with Ally until we find the car & price.
I guess my question to you all is, is it possible to get 0% financing with a 700 score? And can that BeckyRogers lady help us out? Any advice is greatly appreciated.
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