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Originally Posted by Cookie Monster View Post
Salesman just called me and said the other dealerships are only willing to make even exchange "dealer-trades". So I guess he can only trade a 1LE for a 1LE. Which he has none so.... I guess each dealership is holding on to the last few 1LE's they have and selling them at top dollar
I have the patience of a 2year old sometimes, lol. I'm thinking of holding out for a 2014 order. And just keep building up the credit score and down payment.
I just sent Becky an e-mail for you with a link to your thread here. She'll likely respond tomorrow if she has time (she is very busy but always seems to find time for fellow Camaro enthusiasts).

If anything just call Rodgers Chevrolet and ask for Becky Doyle directly. She will get you squared away!
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