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and yes, I am the kind of guy that basically lights the factory warranty on fire... because if I want a modded car, I will just make a modded car and deal with the consequences.

for me, I think I would find it enjoyable to build up a ZL1 to do track duties... bigger intercooler, better exhaust and porting and polishing on those heads, combined with upgrading the brakes, tires and maybe some lighter rims, I think I would be around $10,000 in mods... and have a car that could not only keep up with the Z/28 (keep in mind that I'm an ex SCCA competition license carrying driver) but also keep up with the Porsches and other exotics

and all in a vehicle that I could dial in the magnetic ride mode to soft and comfortable and drive home in my auto equipped ZL1 while making funny faces at my daughter in the rear view mirror as she giggles in the back seat

but I will agree that the Z/28 is a better starting point if you're looking for a real track car... because the things they put into the Z/28 from the factory... they just haven't done anything like that since the original RPO cars from the '60s and '70s.
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