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Originally Posted by ebaugh1990 View Post
I agree, I think it's ridiculous to an extent. I remember my dads nova had power steering, and that was it. The rest was a good ol carb 454. No AC, no radio, said he didn't need a radio with that 4-speed transmission haha
How very true. And that's what we had. A SHP motor, 4 speed and posi rear. No frills, no comforts. Funny how I was one of a few who argued here on C5 way back before the ZL1 was announced when the rumor was they were building "something". I asked for a delete ride that harkened the days of old, with gobs of performance, a stiff track ride, without the ammenities. The popular opinion was that it would not be done, could not be done. Moral to the story: be careful what you wish for, it might come true. And it did for me with the Z/28. It's everything, and more, than I asked for. Thank you Chevy!
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