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Originally Posted by Norm Peterson View Post
Joe - I like the sound of your prediction.

But after some of the stiff-riding, lightly sound-insulated, minimal-feature cars that have been in our daily driving past (and the way my current DD is slowly headed) I can easily understand driving a track-oriented car on at least a semi-daily basis. Hell, a little 4/10ths street driving is how I'd be able to stay even a little current in between the track time opportunities.

That said, there would be a couple of "features" that I'd personally choose if they were on the option list. A small tire trailer and a second set of 19 x 11/11.5's so I wouldn't have to use up any of the R-compound life even getting to/from track days or autocrosses.

I agree with you and like the way you think as well. While I have no doubts that the Z/28 could be daily driven, it isn't the best use of the cars capabilities. It's along the same lines of the original hummer. People were buying it just to drive around suburban streets, never actually taking the vehicle off road. Sure you can drive a hummer on the streets, but other than the 'hey look at me' factor... why? On the street you're only realizing the negatives and none of the positives of the car. If you're looking for dual duty street/track, then it makes sense. Never/rarely take it to the track? ZL1 is better.

A hitch for a tire trailer, or a trailer option would be nice. I'm actually not a fan of the 19" wheels. I'd much rather have an 18" wheel option. Better and more R comp tire options, which are cheaper in 18" as well.

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